The productivity of teams

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently around team productivity.

I find that often the dynamics in teams are very different from how I would approach individual productivity. So I’d usually make a clear distinction between the two.

Take, for instance, team meetings. This rather lengthy – but no less accurate – typification of ‘meeting creatures’ from 2006 is still valid. It shows how easy it is to reach a deadlock situation, miss the point, and waste time in groups.

Ten people in a room talking aimlessly for a couple of hours is half a working week gone pretty quickly. The monetary equivalent of this is easily €2,000 or more.

How to cope with that?

In my experience, using certain meeting facilitation methods can have a dramatic and positive impact on group dynamics and meeting outcomes.

It’s always amazed me that, especially, large organisations – where staff spends a significant portion of their time ‘in meetings’ – still haven’t set new standards in this area.

I’m happy to help organisations transform their approach to meetings.

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